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Application of Fast Curing Polyester in Powder Coatings

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With respect to the problem of fast-curing powder coatings, in our traditional concept, we believe that adding a curing accelerator to a powder coating formulation can easily achieve rapid curing; however, Xiaobian believes that over-dependence on additives often leads to Other adverse rickets, such as: poor leveling, fading yellowing of baking, poor heat storage performance of powders, etc. This article starts from the actual construction conditions of low-temperature solidified texture and plane powder, conventional sand grain wrinkle powder and thermal transfer powder, and comprehensively evaluates the apparent performance, mechanical properties and thermal storage stability requirements of powders to demonstrate the different reactivity and poly. The influence of ester selection on various performance indicators, and put forward an overall solution.

1. Fast-curing polyesters The following aspects are often helpful in the use of powder coatings.

(1) Improve the cross-link density, thereby improving the mechanical properties such as film hardness, cross-cut adhesion and impact resistance;

(2) reduce the curing temperature or shorten the curing time, to achieve low-temperature curing or rapid curing;

(3) Preventing the melt flow and leveling of the powder, realizing the appearance control of the texture size and stereoscopic effect;

(4) Interspersed with slow or medium speed curing systems interfering with each other to achieve a reduction in apparent gloss while leveling.

However, at the same time as the fast-curing polyester obtained the above advantages, other disadvantages have gradually emerged.

(1) poor thermal storage stability, the resulting powder coatings tend to clump;

(2) The leveling performance of the coating film is poor, and orange peels and the like easily occur. For this reason, a successful fast-curing polyester product must balance the two contradictory indicators of mechanical properties and leveling performance, thermal storage stability and curing conditions. In order to apply different types of powder coatings, the fast curing polyesters are different in the research and development and production engineering for the above indicators; therefore, the classification is different, and the use characteristics are also different. The following will describe in detail the major types of fast-curing polyesters and their corresponding use characteristics.

2 Application of Fast Curing Polyester in Thermal Transfer Powder Coatings

Thermal transfer powder coatings have always been difficult problems are tearing paper. If the tearing effect is good, there will be no impressions or marks, and the transfer production efficiency will be high. If the tearing or sticking is not good, the marks will be obvious and the production efficiency will be low. After many experiments, the results show that the factors that affect the transfer of paper film tearing are:

(1) The higher the hardness and hardness of the coating, the better the tearing of the paper;

(2) The degree of complete curing of the polyester, the faster and more complete the curing speed, the better tearing of the tearing paper;

(3) The distribution of molecular weight of polyester, the larger the molecular weight, and the narrower the distribution, the better the tearing of paper.

The application of fast-curing polyester in powder coatings is the introduction of these products. For more knowledge and market knowledge of powder coatings, please continue to pay attention to Xiao Bian. The contents of this area will be regularly updated later.

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