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Why is the quality of powder coating poor?

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As we all know, electrostatic powder is often used in some industries. This kind of powder coating has good performance, and the price is affordable. The processing and spraying method is very simple. The thermoplastic polyester electrostatic powder has the advantages of beautiful appearance and high artistic quality. These properties make thermoplastics a large part of the paint market. However, inevitably, the market will inevitably cut corners and reduce the quality of powder coatings. Xiao Bian today to explain to you the quality of the powder coating is mainly affected by what factors.

1. Poor quality of powder coating. This can be affected by many factors. For example, if the raw material fails, it will cause various defects in the coating. Formulation design is unreasonable, and the formula design is not perfect, which will reduce the performance of powder coatings and affect the performance of coatings. Non-standard production processes, poor recycling powder, mixed powders, poor storage of materials, and imperfect quality inspection systems all contribute to the poor quality of powder coatings.

2. The spraying process is not strict

Poor pre-spray treatment, poor control of process conditions, excessively high voltage, too low or too high curing temperature, improper operation: incorrect position or direction of the spray gun, low powder rate. Adjust the orientation of the gun nozzle so that the powder cloud is directed toward the recessed area of the workpiece. If the spray distance is too close, strong deionization will occur, resulting in electrostatic breakdown, causing the powder to burn and ignite, or the formation of lines or metallic flashes will not be effective;

3. The quality of equipment and accessories is not good, affecting the quality of finished products.

4. The production environment is not clean

The requirements for the environment in the powder coating construction are relatively high. If you want to use the powder coating better, you must ensure that it has a good construction environment in order to get a good construction effect.

Xiao Bian said these are some of the factors that will affect the quality of powder coatings. Do you understand now? In fact, the influencing factors are far more than so many. If you have any questions or good suggestions, Xiao Bian looks forward to your inquiries!

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