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What is a polyester resin powder coating? What are the characteristics?

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The polyester resin used for powder coating has been described, but what exactly is the polyester resin for powder coating? In fact, the polyester resin coating is a coating material mainly composed of a polyester resin. It is a polycondensation of polyols and polyacids. The difference with the polyurethane coating is that the polyester coating does not contain the amino group "-NH-" in the molecule. Polyester resin coatings are widely used in coatings, low-pollution high solids, powder coatings.

Its characteristic is that the paint film of polyester resin for powder coating is plump and bright, but unsaturated polyester paint has poor adhesion to metal. It can be used as putty, easy to dry and smooth, thick film thickness, good insulation, good physical and mechanical properties of paint film. , In particular, toughness, wear resistance, impact resistance and scratch resistance are good, paint film gloss and color retention, good resistance to over-baking, good weather resistance, long-term exposure to sunlight without loss of light yellowing Phenomenon, due to the presence of ester groups in the polyester resin powder chain for powder coating, the water resistance is slightly poor, the repair performance is poor, the damaged paint film is imprinted after being repaired, the flammable liquid is used, the use and storage are fireproof, and the storage period is 1 year.

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