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Flowing Agent

TP88R Liquid leveling Agent

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TP88R Liquid leveling Agent


TP88R Liquid leveling agent is a homopolymer of acrylic ester which can be used as a leveling agent in the production of powder coatings or certain liquid coatings before coating curing to adjust the surface tension, homogenize the coating, reduce orange peel and eliminate shrinkage, so that the cured coating has a smooth and glossy appearance.



Colorless or yellowish transparent mucus

Viscosity (50% in xylene solution) GB / T1723-1993


Volatiles (%) GB / T1725-2007


Applications and performance

1. Dosage: 0.5 to 1% of the total amount of the coating.

2. In the liquid coating, TP88R will be added directly, stirring can be dispersed evenly.

3. In the powder coating, TP88R can not be directly added, must first be made of leveling agent masterbatch, that is, every 10 copies of TP88R in advance in 90 copies of base resin (or other materials, including resin, including) spare. In the formal production, and then calculated directly after the masterbatch evenly dispersed.

4. In general, the use of TP88R can be smooth and smooth coating, but the use of precision is not high extruder, or mechanical aging, or contaminate generated when the shrinkage, may also need to be wetting accelerator TP701 to meet . In this case,

Packaging & Storage

1. Store in a cool dry place, avoid contact with other chemicals, away from heat and fire, sealed after use. This product has a certain degree of stimulation of the respiratory tract, the operation of the use of dust masks, gloves and other protective equipment.

2. White iron drum sealed package, net weight 20kgs.

3. Room temperature is valid for 1 year, more than the shelf life of the test can be used after passing.

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